Contractor Services

As a full-service commercial general contractor, Hartin and Hume, Inc. has successfully completed every project it has been involved with. Our reputation of standing by our work and insuring that each job is a success is what our company is all about.

For more than 30 years, Hartin and Hume, Inc. has developed lasting relationships with architects, engineers, and local sub-contractors that allow us to create teams necessary to complete projects of all sizes, on time, and at the lowest cost. Our reputation with local developers, building owners, property management companies, and end users has given us the opportunity to successfully complete over 1,000,000 square feet of concrete tilt-ups, wood and steel frame construction, and masonry buildings.

In addition to completing large projects, Hartin and Hume, Inc. specializes in tenant improvements for existing buildings. Our local team approach works well in providing the end user with a product they expect, while providing the building owner with the lowest cost possible.

Commercial Building Construction

Green Building Construction

Hartin and Hume, Inc. maintains a staff of accredited LEED Green Associates. This staff has the knowledge and ability to help produce buildings with proper materials, on suitable sites, that are energy efficient, all contributing to buildings achieving LEED accreditation.

Green buildings offer a number of financial benefits. These include cost savings on utility bills for tenants or property owners (through energy and water efficiency); lower construction costs and higher property value for building developers; increased occupancy rates or operating costs for building owners.

Project Management Services

Hartin and Hume Inc. has been operating in the greater Sacramento region since 1982.  Over the last thirty-two years, we have completed over $208M worth of commercial construction, varying in size and cost. Our diverse capabilities include concrete tilt-ups, wood frame construction, masonry buildings and tenant improvement work.

We employ an experienced team of professionals providing value-added commercial construction from the ground up, including tenant improvements, wood framing, and project management.

Construction Estimating

Since Hartin and Hume is a “hands on” general contractor, its staff has the ability to provide accurate cost estimates and back those estimates with multiple bids from its vast pool of local sub-contractors.

Unlike many other contractors who are headquartered out of the Sacramento region, we have a better local knowledge of appropriate sub-contractors for each trade and specific build-out requirement — ensuring that we choose the right contractors and receive the best price for our client projects.

Wood Frame Construction & Roof Trusses

Since its inception, Hartin and Hume has produced everything, from simple wood interior/exterior framing to complicated structural roof trusses, to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Please contact us for additional information.

Value Added Services

With many businesses hard hit during this economic recovery, a large number of buildings are available for sale. Hartin and Hume, Inc. has the ability to help clients better evaluate sales prices by determining any potential building replacement costs, tenant improvement lease-up costs, and deferred maintenance. These evaluations assist buyers if they are considering the property as an investment or for their own business operations.

Our company also helps in the initial evaluation of constructing a new building. Our staff assists the developer by partnering with architectural, civil, and structural teams to help in the design phase. When assisting in the conceptual design phase, we help eliminate unnecessary costs and possible surprises.

General Construction Services

Construction Management

Our construction management team is composed of experienced Project Managers and Superintendents with a proven strength in organizational and performance skills.  They assist in the management of the project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function.

Hartin and Hume has a trusted reputation as industry leaders, with many repeat clients and subcontractors. which allow us to deliver on-time and under budget projects.

Design Build and Assist

As a design build contractor our expertise ensures excellent collaboration between the designers and builders.

Our project management team’s goal is to ensure proper project oversight to decrease, and ideally eliminate, change orders due to errors or omissions.

Being a single point of contact allows for better management of schedule, budget and quality.

Pre-Construction Services

Communication: Effective communication starts with meeting with Owner, design team, and construction team for the project.  We embrace efforts to create a cohesive work environment that promotes communication between all team members.

Schedule: We provide a comprehensive schedule from design through construction that clearly indicates the major design milestones relating to project issues and activities.

Permit Procurement: We help with the processing of paperwork and procurement of permits.

Cost Control

Cost control is fundamental to the success of a construction project.  We provide our clients crucial and timely information for any changes that may occur, keeping everyone informed and the project moving forward.

With new building construction we partner with architectural, civil, and structural teams to help in the design phase, and utilize or vast pool of local subcontractors for each trade and specific build-out requirement to ensure that our clients receive the best value.

Rough Carpentry

Our rough carpentry service include self-perform wood frame structures, panelized roof systems, mezzanines, structural repairs, and more.

We are local, hands-on general contractors with extensive experience in all facets of general construction.  Please contact us to learn more.